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Drinks Package

Cherry Tomato & Bocconcini


Beverage Packages

Sitting Ducks Catering can provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage packages for any style of function.

 In any function where Sitting Ducks Catering supply alcohol, we are obligated by law to apply for and be granted a Commercial Liquor Permit. This requires 14 days to process and incurs a minimum $165.00 application and administration fee depending on the value of alcohol supplied.

Beverage Package:
Includes glass hire, ice tubs & ice, & linen, for the table. Sparkling Wine, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Full Strength Beer, Premium Light Beer, Orange Juice and Sparkling Mineral Water
We use Australian/New Zealand Wines and Australian Premium Beers

1 hour package         $15.00 per person

1.5 hours package    $17.50 per person
2 hours package       $20.00 per person
2.5 hours package    $22.50 per person
3 hours package       $25.00 per person
4 hours package       $32.50 per person
We can also customise a beverage package to suit your needs e.g. local wines, high end selections, only champagne etc. Please contact us for a quote.
Beverages On Consumption
Clients will be charged as per the following price list for all opened bottles. Please Note: Glassware, ice and ice tubs are not included in this price and if required must be ordered separately. Please re-fer to our Hire Packages Menu for all options and prices.
Sparkling Wine                         $25.00 ea
Sauvignon Blanc                       $25.00 ea
Shiraz                                     $25.00 ea
Full Strength Beer                       $6.00 ea
Premium Light Beer                     $6.00 ea
Fresh Orange Juice 2Ltr.               $9.00 ea
    Sparkling Mineral Water               $4.00/1.25L
   Italian Mineral Water                   $4.95/1.5L